Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday June 27

Kalmus beach, Hyannis

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Everyone!

     I have been chronically tired and a bit unsteady on my feet the past 2 weeks but I try to enjoy the rare days when I feel well. I sit on my front and rear porches and soak in the weather even though the spring in Boston has been grim.
I had 2 weeks off but I still dread going for my chemo treatment today! My blood counts were good and 2 other indicators were very positive which tells us that the Gemzar chemo is working well. My oncologist, Dr. Chi, was very pleased with these indicators and my weight has been stable too! We discussed aligning my chemo treatment with my week vacation on the Cape July 8-15th and decided to reduce the chemo dose by 20% and to treat me today. This will give me more than a week to recover before Cape Cod beach time. I was treated in area B (no private rooms available) with 7 others being treated (assaulted) by chemotherapies for various cancer ailments. This is a very depressing experience so I try to keep busy/distracted by reading.
     I look forward to enjoying my Cape Cod vacation and pray that I have the strength to get to the beach often. I think my mother will join Don, Jake & I for a few days. Beach time, grill time and relaxing on the Cape will be very therapeutic for me! The sand through my toes, the sun in my face and the sites, sounds and smell of the ocean makes me very happy!
Jake starts his job with the Brookline Teen Center project with Paul Epstein (Theo’s twin brother) and he will be doing fundraising for this big project which will break ground for construction this September.

I am thinking and living positively!

With much love!

p.s. Happy July 4th weekend!!!!!
Kalmus beach at sunset

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